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Newborn Feeding before Milk Comes – Very Crucial Baby’s Health

Mothers usually have to deal with particular issues while newborn feeding before milk comes. A healthy full term newborn is ready to nurse within half an hour after the birth. A full term newborn can start to suckle on the breast of the mother immediately after birth.

The baby has an inborn skill to latch on and suckle, if he/she is placed on the breast of the mother. If the newborn is separated from his/her mother during this important time an opportunity is missed.

As more time passes the child loses its urge to find the nipple. It becomes difficult to initiate breastfeeding later on. Best rocking chair for nursing might help to breastfeed your baby.

When is the Mother Ready to Feed the Newborn

Nature prepares the mother to breast feed the Newborn during the pregnancy itself. Colostrum is the thick yellow first milk that is made within the mother during pregnancy and soon after birth. This first milk is abounding in antibodies and Nutrients. It is a way of God to protect the child when he first comes into this unprotected environment. Naturally there are no options available for newborn feeding before milk comes.

Change in the Form and Quality of Milk

By the third to the fifth day, the colostrum is changed into mature milk. This milk contains the perfect amount of sugar, fat, protein and water that the baby requires at this stage. The milk at this stage is thinner in consistency than the colostrum.

The Temptation to Opt for Formula

Many mothers and doctors too recommend giving the newborn formula milk during the initial hours after birth. Though it can be done in certain cases, but it should be avoided at all costs. The conditions which allow the mother to give formula milk are:

Long pushing period
Prolonged labor
Certain types of anesthesia

In addition to this the certain types of anesthesia also tends to increase the body temperature and crying in the newborn. In all of the above mentioned cases of newborn feeding before milk comes can be done with the help of good quality formula milk.

All is Not Lost

In case the mother is unable to feed the newborn due to the above mentioned reasons, she should consult a lactation expert. With the help of the lactation specialist the newborn will be able to latch on and begin the process of breastfeeding soon.

Hand Expressing the Milk

Another option for the mother is to hand express the milk put it in a bottle and feed it to the newborn. This way the newborn shall be able to intake the milk with the essential antibodies which can help to develop his/her immune system. Milk can be extracted from the breast by hand or by an automatic cycling electric pump, whichever the mother finds comfortable.

Importance of an Apt Environment for Newborn Feeding before Milk Comes

The mother and the child should be kept in a tranquil and pleasant environment because it would be helpful for the baby to latch on. The mother should be encouraged and supported to breastfeed the newborn so that she is able to face any challenges that she may face in this process of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding after Cesarean Section

The mother is not able to nurse the newborn after the cesarean section because of the anesthesia. She will be drowsy during the first hour after birth and will find it difficult to handle the baby.

Long Labor

Having a long labor and receiving medication for pain also makes it impractical for the mother to breastfeed during the first hour after birth. Epidural is also considered to be one of the causes of delayed breastfeeding.

During the last century most of the mothers were breastfeeding, but with the passage of time, many factors have contributed to the delayed production in milk. Furthermore the mothers are also not able to produce an ample supply of milk, which raises the issue of newborn feeding before milk comes.