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The life of a mother is the toughest of all, I guess. It is that 24hour job that has no certain routine and mothers are doing the hardest job for years longer. However, it is time to have a look at yourself after being a mother as this is equally important. Are you still wearing your maternity suit? When did you last look at yourself in the mirror? Did you comb your hair yesterday? I am quite sure the answers are going to be negative for all. You should take out time just for yourself as care is that one thing that everyone needs. Under the burden of responsibilities, what about that ‘old’ you? Let’s bring her today in front of the world in a  way that your works won’t be hampered.


  • Let’s bring some spice in your casual look: Wearing loose fitting one piece dresses must be the most comfortable outfit for a mom, but that’s really not that cool. Try wearing T-shirts with comfortable leggings that won’t snatch your comfort level. You can wrap a sweatshirt around the neck to look more stylish and casual at the same time. Long cotton skirts can be a good option for you, but try to wear a fitting that will flatter your body shape.
  • Check your wardrobe: Time to open your wardrobe again and stop wearing whatever you get near your hands. A nice denim or black or light color leggings should be there. Take it out and go with a pair of boots and a casual top or T-shirt. There’s nothing bad to be well dresses and fashionable still while you need to be casual when you are on an outing with your baby. A statement piece will also bring a change. With babies, being stylish is holding your own personality in a smart way.
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  • Having a look at fashion magazines won’t kill you: I know, you don’t have time that much, but take out ten minutes from your schedule to have a glance at what is going on in the fashion world will not kill you. Really! Have a look at our celebrities and what are they wearing these days. Find something you are comfortable with and still make you look glamorous. Long or mid-length gowns can still be yours only if you decide to give them a try.

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