Diaper Bag Style Guide

Diaper bags now come in all shapes, forms and styles. So every mom (and dad!) can now pick a bag that is not only functional but also reflective of their own personal sense of style. These days even the most basic diaper bag can look chic. Most fall under these diaper bag style categories.

Diaper Bag Tote – this is the most common diaper bag style available. It features two short handles which you can easily carry with your hand, on your arm or slung on your shoulder. It also often includes a long shoulder strap, in case you want to wear in sling style to free both your hands.  Simple tote style diaper bags have one compartment but most brands have different compartments and organizers included.

Fashion – feminine, stylish diaper bags. This is just about perfect for fashion forward moms. They are chic and it’s even hard to tell if they are diaper bags or just your regular ladies handbag. Fashion diaper bags offer a lot of options when it comes to materials, sizes and designs. Some boast luxury leather materials to opulent fabrics. And they come in sizes easy enough to accommodate your baby’s essentials while looking still so fab. Big name fashion brands offer a lot of choices on this category as well as other baby clothing.

Messenger Bags – this style usually features a long sling that can be worn over one shoulder or across the chest for a hands-free mom and dad. A popular choice especially for diaper bag totting dads as this style is more gender neutral and most brands offer colors selections suitable for both dad and moms.

Backpack friendly diaper bags – great hands-free option and another favourite for dads, not to mention its comfort factor. This style distributes weight more evenly and are great if you lug around a lot of stuff or you’re in for a longer travel. Most backpack style diaper bag also offer more space and additional compartments. Some brands have convertible tote style to backpack style diaper bags. You can easily place your baby in the car seat without having to adjust it too much.

Important style notes.. Gender Neutral – if your partner will also be using a diaper bag and you’ll be sharing it, make sure you pick one that he is comfortable taking out in public. Perhaps a fashion diaper bag is out of the question but there are lots of messenger or backpack style diaper bags that would suit both mom and dad and offer unisex color and fabric choices.

Pattern and Colors – with a dizzying array of diaper bag designs, one can easily find a pattern or color choice to suit one’s taste. Again, this is largely influenced by taste. Some prefer understated colors and patterns while others want something bold. While some diaper bags are designed specifically reflecting baby colors, this is one baby item where mom or dad can choose something that is more to their personal styles. After all, mom and dad will be the one toting this around.

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