Newborn Feeding before Milk Comes – Very Crucial Baby’s Health

Mothers usually have to deal with particular issues while newborn feeding before milk comes. A healthy full term newborn is ready to nurse within half an hour after the birth. A full term newborn can start to suckle on the breast of the mother immediately after birth.

The baby has an inborn skill to latch on and suckle, if he/she is placed on the breast of the mother. If the newborn is separated from his/her mother during this important time an opportunity is missed.

As more time passes the child loses its urge to find the nipple. It becomes difficult to initiate breastfeeding later on. Best rocking chair for nursing might help to breastfeed your baby.

When is the Mother Ready to Feed the Newborn

Nature prepares the mother to breast feed the Newborn during the pregnancy itself. Colostrum is the thick yellow first milk that is made within the mother during pregnancy and soon after birth. This first milk is abounding in antibodies and Nutrients. It is a way of God to protect the child when he first comes into this unprotected environment. Naturally there are no options available for newborn feeding before milk comes.

Change in the Form and Quality of Milk

By the third to the fifth day, the colostrum is changed into mature milk. This milk contains the perfect amount of sugar, fat, protein and water that the baby requires at this stage. The milk at this stage is thinner in consistency than the colostrum.

The Temptation to Opt for Formula

Many mothers and doctors too recommend giving the newborn formula milk during the initial hours after birth. Though it can be done in certain cases, but it should be avoided at all costs. The conditions which allow the mother to give formula milk are:

Long pushing period
Prolonged labor
Certain types of anesthesia

In addition to this the certain types of anesthesia also tends to increase the body temperature and crying in the newborn. In all of the above mentioned cases of newborn feeding before milk comes can be done with the help of good quality formula milk.

All is Not Lost

In case the mother is unable to feed the newborn due to the above mentioned reasons, she should consult a lactation expert. With the help of the lactation specialist the newborn will be able to latch on and begin the process of breastfeeding soon.

Hand Expressing the Milk

Another option for the mother is to hand express the milk put it in a bottle and feed it to the newborn. This way the newborn shall be able to intake the milk with the essential antibodies which can help to develop his/her immune system. Milk can be extracted from the breast by hand or by an automatic cycling electric pump, whichever the mother finds comfortable.

Importance of an Apt Environment for Newborn Feeding before Milk Comes

The mother and the child should be kept in a tranquil and pleasant environment because it would be helpful for the baby to latch on. The mother should be encouraged and supported to breastfeed the newborn so that she is able to face any challenges that she may face in this process of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding after Cesarean Section

The mother is not able to nurse the newborn after the cesarean section because of the anesthesia. She will be drowsy during the first hour after birth and will find it difficult to handle the baby.

Long Labor

Having a long labor and receiving medication for pain also makes it impractical for the mother to breastfeed during the first hour after birth. Epidural is also considered to be one of the causes of delayed breastfeeding.

During the last century most of the mothers were breastfeeding, but with the passage of time, many factors have contributed to the delayed production in milk. Furthermore the mothers are also not able to produce an ample supply of milk, which raises the issue of newborn feeding before milk comes.

Are artificial sweeteners like aspartame safe for your child?

Many parents wonder what risks there are when offering a child, a food or beverage containing an artificial sweetener like aspartame or saccharin. These sugar substitutes aren’t just in carbonated diet sodas anymore; they can be found in powdered drink mixes, yogurt, puddings, candy, baked goods, frozen desserts, and many other commercially available products. So, which is better for your child: real sugar, or a low or no-calorie substitute?

Saccharin, once the market leader, was infamously linked to bladder cancer in rats back in the 1970s. Similarly, a recent Italian study linked aspartame with Lymphoma and Leukaemia in rats. But, the generalizability of these animal studies is often questioned and there is no conclusive evidence that these sweeteners cause similar or other serious health problems in humans. At the same time, these sweeteners have no nutritional benefits, although all mainstream health organizations view them as safe, even for children. For parents of youngsters struggling with obesity, a low – calorie drink favored with artificial sweetener is often a much better choice than sugar -laden cola, which packs about 150 calories per 12 ounces can, or a favored “sports drink” or “energy drink.”   (Aimed at athletes but often consumed by young children who aren’t engaging in calorie – burning games, these drinks have fewer calories than regular soda, but they are not calorie – free.)

This doesn’t mean that your child should have unlimited access to artificially sweetened beverages (or foods) just because they are low in calories, as it may lead to over-indulging and poor snacking habits. Like some weight watching adults, children may develop an attitude of “It’s low – calorie, so I can drink/eat twice, three times, four times as much!” (There are a few recent studies that suggest appetite may even be increased when artificial sweeteners are substituted for sugar!) It might be hard to stop a teenager from drinking multiple cans of diet soda per day (or eating half a box of reduced – calorie cookies); you’ll have better odds with a young child.

As a parent, you can exert some control over how much and what kind of artificially sweetened beverages and foods your child consumes. You can also make sure your child is offered a variety of healthy drinks, such as water and raw milk.

If a child is at risk for obesity, most pediatricians would agree that artificial sweeteners can be useful and practical. (“But it’s a chemical,” a parent of an overweight child objected when a pediatrician colleague suggested offering diet soda to replace the full – calorie version the child loved.   “So is sugar,” the pediatrician reminded her.)

Finally, consider that a glass of iced, homemade lemonade, favored with a bit of real sugar and fresh lemon, can be a more satisfying treat than several glasses of the powdered, artificially sweetened version. Sometimes this lesson is lost on the very young, who may be more about quantity than quality. But it’s worth trying — those budding taste buds just may prevail.

Outfit for fashionable Mom

The life of a mother is the toughest of all, I guess. It is that 24hour job that has no certain routine and mothers are doing the hardest job for years longer. However, it is time to have a look at yourself after being a mother as this is equally important. Are you still wearing your maternity suit? When did you last look at yourself in the mirror? Did you comb your hair yesterday? I am quite sure the answers are going to be negative for all. You should take out time just for yourself as care is that one thing that everyone needs. Under the burden of responsibilities, what about that ‘old’ you? Let’s bring her today in front of the world in a  way that your works won’t be hampered.

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What to Remember When Buying Used Baby Accessories

Babies are more likely to outgrow quickly that some of the accessories are just a guest of a few months, but may cut a good amount. So, most of the parents look for online to buy used baby accessories to save some money. This is fine for some of the accessories that have no connection with manufacturing dates or still in an usable condition with all the parts working well. However, some of the second-hand baby accessories may be a threat to the children as well. So, parents need to keep in mind some very important things when looking for baby accessories that are used.

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‘Must-Have’ Travel Accessories for Babies

If you are going for a quick ride and planning for cross-country traveling with your baby for the first time, some travel accessories are a ‘must-have’ to avoid unusual problems and to ensure safety of your baby and continuity of journey. Traveling gears vary with different age groups.
Here are some of the things you may add to your list when going out with the baby:

-CarSeat: This is an absolutely important thing for traveling with your baby. There are so many different categories for different age groups of children that you can easily get your one in hand form the markets. Forward facing car seats, harness car seats or convertible car seats — all are available with many features that relax you while traveling by road or by air.

-Llightweight stroller: Bringing your regular stroller can be an option, but it makes your luggage heavier than you think very quickly. A lightweight or umbrella stroller is just perfect for traveling purpose. Toddlers enjoy the ride of stroller and parents get some rest as well.

-Snackbag for baby: In case of a sudden hunger attack to your baby, be always ready with a snackbag that allows you to take along refreshments and baby food. Prefer the ones that are washable by hand or machine to clean the food remains and get it dry for next use.

-Diaper bag for travel: You may not get bathroom in every stops of your destination. So, a portable diaper bag is a must to change diapers quickly. Diaper bags for travel should allow a couple of diapers and wipes in one bag.

-Mother tote bag: These are awesome for carrying some quick things for baby like small baby clothing, diapers, baby food, necessary medicines and toys– all in one. Buy the ones with folding facilities and multiple pockets for easy arrangements of all things.

-Baby bath tub: There are so many hotels and guesthouses with no facilities for baby bath in many places. Your regular baby bath tub or a portable one for travel makes it a lot easier even for your baby to get a comfortable bath far away from home. Lightweight and folding tubs are easy to carry in the luggage.

-High chairs for baby: In case your baby is used to dine with this chair in your home, it’s good to know that many restaurants may supply them, but taking your one is the best option while going out for a long journey. They can also be used while your baby gets uncomfortable sitting in the car for a long time.

Beach shades for kids: A perfect travel material for parents to keep their baby from harm of sunshine . Take the one you are more comfortable with and  baby like so much.

So, now you don’t just sit back at your home out of frustration and take your little angel with you without being worried about your baby. Pack your luggage and make sure you have everything from your checklist and go for a great trip.


Why Choose a Double Buggy for Your Children

If you delivered twins, you already know the necessity of double items. You’ve needed two of nearly everything like a diaper bag, baby clothing, snack bags and other accessories, from the onset of your parenting experience. Like every parent, you still have errands to run and necessary things to accomplish during the course of each day. It’s difficult enough to attempt to balance one toddler on your hip as you go about your tasks. Balancing two children would be an exercise in futility. A double buggy is the only sensible option.

Double buggies can be significantly more costly than singles. Thus, it’s paramount that you shop around and compare prices. Even if you do not have twins, but just two children close in age, the double buggy is so incredibly convenient. It simplifies your life in so many ways. Family outings are so much more pleasurable because so much of the hassle has been eliminated. When you do start shopping around for the double buggy, you quickly realize that there are endless options from which to choose. You can vary your style, colours and design. A recommendation would be a double buggy from Phil and Teds which is a double incline sport version. It was $89.99 and its design is one child seated directly behind the other. The unusual three wheeled design creates ease of manoeuvring and I can turn on a dime, even in tight corners. There are other great double buggies to pick from. The Instep Safari double swivel wheel buggy is a terrific choice for dedicated runners. This buggy also sports three wheels. The Instep’s locking wheels compliment the rear parking brake. The reclining seats and the one hand steering are icing on the cake.

Many buggies struggle to manoeuvre in gravel or dirt, but not the Instep. It floats over gravel with ease. It even offers a drink holder on its handle. This makes the Instep a terrific choice for a number of outdoor activities aside from running. Also there are two small baskets. You can easily stow your child’s small accessories. The flexibility of stowing it once your baby is on the car seat is also another advantage. They are more secure and sorted than in the typical large, single basket most buggies offer.

Don’t think that if you don’t have twins, you can’t consider the double buggy. Anyone who has two young children can benefit from them. Check out the mountain urban double buggy, which is a great choice as well. With swiveling front wheels, this double is simple to move about whether you are in the grocery getting dinner or in a crowded shopping mall trying to pick up new socks. This buggy’s seat recline. The fabric repels water and the rear wheels are suspended. Storage compartments abound on this double. You can easily stash your purse and diaper bag so you can shop hands-free. This Urban series buggy truly has the modern day parent in mind. The sun visor has a smart construction. It sports a see-through window so you can keep an eye on your little one.


Breast milk is the best food for newborns and infants. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends to breastfeed babies at least for one full year if possible. Others suggest even longer period of time. Breast feeding has a tremendous biological, emotional and cognitive developmental benefits for the baby and during first four months it is the best food for your baby satisfying all her nutritional needs. We have reviewed and tested several baby food types and none can match all the benefits of mother’s milk.

Breast milk contains these elements:
– 1-1.5% proteins
– 6-7% sugar
– 3-4% fat
– 0.2 % salts
– 88% water

Breast milk is easily digestible and that’s why your baby feeds every 2 hours or even more frequent at times. The necessary elements from breast milk are easily absorbed by baby’s body and thus they enhance body’s development and growth. Breast milk also contains biologically active elements of the immune system that protect baby from viruses and infections and make her stronger. This immunity that naturally gets passed on to the baby can be very critical for the baby’s health during the initial stages in order to fight flu and other common cold. Health benefits acquired during the first months of baby’s life last for the life time.

Another important benefit from breastfeeding is time and cost savings. Food is available at the right temperature and consistency whenever the demand is there and you don’t have to sterilize any bottles, measure, prepare, heat or wash. (Unless you are working and pumping out milk regularly to a bottle and then feeding). Most formulas are quite expensive and you will end up spending at least $30 per week for formula (that’s $120 per month!). In a year you would have spent over thousand dollars. We normally try to give the best for the baby and do not calculate on costs. But in this case you end up giving something better for the baby and at the same time save money.

Here are some facts about the breast milk:

– Breastfed babies are 3 times less likely to die from SIDS than formula fed babies.
– 80% of babies who are breastfed have normal weight compared to 43% formula fed babies.
– Children who were breastfed are twice less likely to get cancer in childhood.
– Breastfed babies are twice less likely to get ear infections.
– Breast fed babies even have better eyesight.
– They are less likely to have Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Pneumonia, wheezing, and Bronchiolitis
– Also breast fed babies are less likely to have Meningitis
And these are only a few benefits to mention. All these benefits are verified by several studies and by the American Academy of Paediatrics. Some moms as well as experts say neither a diaper bag nor any baby food but indeed breastfeeding is the biggest gift you can give to your child.

Here are a few facts and tips about breastfeeding:
– Mother’s milk is perfect for your baby thus if your infant is feeding well, you do not need to give any additional food until he is 4-6 months old.
– There is no need to give additional liquids because your child not only eats but also satisfies his thirst with breast milk alone.
– Alternating breast and bottle might result in worse latching and less breast milk. If you need to give something to drink in addition to breast milk give using a spoon or from a cup.
– Feed baby when he wants and shows sign of hunger. Initially newborn feeds up to 12 times per day. Later on frequency of feedings decreases to 7 times or so.
– Night feedings are important for your child because at night breast milk is thicker, has more calories and baby need it.